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      26 September 2019

We are ready for the travel to Tarawa Atoll, Western Kiribati and to activate this DXCC entity as T30GC.

After 6 months of preparations of T30GC DXpedition, the team members are in good health condition and We are looking forward the departure day - 02 October 2019.

The baggage is packed and We hope on safe travel without any unpleasant surprises.

T30GC must be on the Air on 7 October 2019. The last day of T30GC activity will be 23 October 2019.During this activity the radio amateurs can to make contacts with T30GC on different modes - CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. The favorite modes will be CW, SSB and RTTY -  the real radio amateur modes. We will be QRV from 160 - 6 meters.

T30GC LoTW Certificate already is obtained and all Sponsors will receive LoTW confirmation of their contacts with T30GC till 3 weeks after end of T30GC DXpedition 2019 !

Please, the radio amateurs for patiency and understanding during our activity. We, will try to be non stop (24 / 7) on the Air with  2 or 3 transmiters on different bands and modes, if there are not any problems with the electricity power! We are ready also to use a generator if there are problems with the local power electricity!

So, for now!

Thank you to all Individual sponsors which supported T30GC DXpedition 2019 before of the start of this activity!

Thanks in advance also to these Sponsors which will support us during T30GC activity!

Thank you to all Associations, Foundations, Clubs and Corporate Sponsors, which supported us depending of their possibilities!

We are very grateful of all our Sponsors !!!

See you on the Air, during T30GC activity!

                                                                        73! Stan, LZ1GC & the T30GC Team





Stan, LZ1GC - organizer & leader of T30GC DXpedition 2019. Operator - CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK. Previous organized by him DXpeditions: 5W0GC in 2018, YJ0GC in 2018, H40GC in 2017, H44GC & H40GC DXpedition 2016, T2GC in 2015, C21GC in 2014, 3D2GC (Fiji Republic) in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 3D2GC/P (Rotuma Isl.) in 2013. Member of 3D2R (Rotuma Isl.) & 3D2C (Conway reef) DXpedition teams in 2011 & 2012. Also with activities as SV8/LZ1GC in 2012 from Samothraki Isl., IOTA EU - 174 , LZ1GC/1 in 2010 from Sveta Anastasiya Isl., IOTA EU - 181 and from Turkey as TA2/LZ1GC & TA3/LZ1GC.